Community at our heart: coronavirus update

Community at our heart: coronavirus update

THE reasons behind why we opened The Glost House were as much to do with place as good food and drink.

And that is because there is a whole community of like-minded people out there who appreciate our relaxed environment.

You appreciate our attention to detail and our high standards of cleanliness.

You appreciate having the space and the surroundings to enjoy quality time with others, the facilities to be productive, the care that has gone into finding a new use for one of our heritage buildings.

There is nothing we take greater pride in than to look around The Glost House and see it being used, to see it serving a wide variety of needs for a really diverse range of customers.

At the moment some of you, our friendly, loyal customers, will not be able to visit us.

We understand.

Every one of us is experiencing massive disruption to our lives, our routines, our freedoms.

Every decision we make is agonised over, every morning we wake full of caution, every evening we wait anxiously for the latest updates regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

But in our hearts, here at The Glost House, we believe that the community we have built with you is strong enough to stand the test.

We will have to make sacrifices. Painful ones. Such is business.

But we are all human and the team we have here at The Glost House is one of the best.

Don’t forget us – give us a call just to say hello, drop us an email, keep checking in online, visit our social media pages.
In return we promise to keep you in the loop, we promise to keep doing what we do best for as long as we can, we promise to continue serving you, our customers, in our own Glost House style.

In the next few days and weeks we will be re-evaluating some of the basics such as opening hours, menu availability and so on in response to the changing coronavirus situation.

Unlike when we set out to launch The Glost House, we have no clear plan, no defined timescales or actions.
But what we do have is the experience of knowing you, our customers. And that’s what keeps us going.

Stay safe, look out for each other and reach out to us too, if you think we can help.



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