From our house to yours – The Glost House postal gift boxes

From our house to yours – The Glost House postal gift boxes

Well we had lots of fun trialling this one!

A big thank you to all our customers who acted as guinea pigs and all the Post Office staff who tried – not always successfully – to help us get the goods out.

With ‘virtual hugs’ among the top internet searches last lockdown, we wanted to offer a service that helps our customers reach out to their loved ones wherever they may be.

A gift that’s small and affordable but which leaves an impression. Something that can be enjoyed right then and there, in the moment, to brighten our moods and bring about a small smile. A gift that forces the recipient to take five minutes for them…

Our trials have seen our cakes sent up and down the country (well from Surrey to Co Durham but mainly in Stoke-on-Trent) and we finally think we’ve got something that works.

All our gifts will fit through the letterbox, offering contact free delivery. They are sent using the Royal Mail 24 hour tracked service, and are baked the same day they are posted so they arrive as fresh as possible.

Each gift comes with your own personal message, hand-written inside a beautiful card designed and made in Stoke-on-Trent thanks to the extremely talented Hannah Stoney at Yellowstone Art Boutique.

And every slice of cake deserves a piping hot cuppa to go with it – with premium tea and coffee bags included along with crystalised sugar stirrers.

A mini pick me-up includes one slice of cake, tea or coffee bag, sugar stick and card and costs £9 including postage and packing.

If a group hug is called for we can send three slices of cake, three tea or coffee bags and three sugar sticks with a card containing your message for £15.50 including postage and packing.

Choose from triple chocolate brownie, rocky road, lemon drizzle, ginger cake or lime and coconut loaf slice.

All parcels will be sent out on Thursdays – the perfect treat for some tough weeks ahead.

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