Coronavirus: Diary of a cafe owner #4

Coronavirus: Diary of a cafe owner #4

SO we have July in our sights as a possible reopening date.

We’ve really missed you and hope you are looking forward to visiting The Glost House again – we can’t wait to get back to work.

But you have our reassurance that we will only reopen if and when it is safe to do so.

And for now, on our part, that means implementing a number of substantial but necessary adaptations to the café itself and the way we operate.

At the heart of every change will be our commitment to a risk-free, friendly welcome and quality food and drink.

Social distancing markers will be in place and sanitiser stations available throughout the café.

Screens will be in place at key points such as at the till.

Capacity will be monitored and staff will be undergoing additional training to ensure all our cleaning and hygiene guarantees are met.

The early days will be uncharted territory and we will be asking you all to bear with us as united we find a way to enjoy time out together again.

A few more weeks isn’t going to rub out the last few years. After all, here at The Glost House café bar we are thankful there is a future to focus on.

Our hours are under review and our menu will be adapted. We will all be getting our heads around new technology and how to optimise our experiences.

But we won’t let the regeneration of our lovely cafe building be forgotten.

If we can’t welcome you here then we will be coming up with new ways to help you enjoy a taste of The Glost House at home, or at work, with a new takeaway offering.

The journey will be different but our core values are still the same.

And the waiting game is the least price we have to pay.

The Glost House has always looked forward while respecting and learning from the achievements of the past.

So for now, stay safe. Take care. Hang tight. We will be welcoming you back very soon.

These new requirements will not stop our progress, they will only help to refine it.


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