Coronavirus: Diary of a cafe owner #3

Coronavirus: Diary of a cafe owner #3
BEING unable to run the cafe as usual has given us more time to catch up on what’s been happening around us.
We are following some great local businesses, schools, charities and other organisations on social media and love sharing their progress.
It might be a new product or service, it might be general advice or information, or we often like to share updates and good news stories. Positive actions and comments that we think you will be interested in.
Because as well as using our online platforms to tell our own customers about what is happening at The Glost House, we really believe in being a part of the community – of the bricks and mortar and virtual kind.
Sharing and liking extends the reach of a post online, exposing the groups and businesses we follow to a wider audience.
And why wouldn’t we want the organisations around us to thrive? Our online tools sometimes get overlooked in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of a busy service, so we are committing to use them more wisely in the future.
So when we ask you to leave a review or give us a follow, you can be sure we also practise what we preach.
Why not take a look at our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages – you never know what you might find there.

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